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Patients & Visitors

Patient Focused Care

Grady Memorial Hospital patients have access to advanced technology and a healthcare plan
specifically designed for their successful treatment and recovery. From admission until
discharge and beyond, Grady Memorial Hospital's teammates focus on exceptional care, close to home.
Grady Memorial Hospital, Five Oaks Family Medical Clinic, Five Oaks Medical Group, Rush Springs Family Medical Clinic, and Tuttle Family Medical Clinic have a Patient Portal. The portal gives patients, families and caregivers an active role in their care by providing quick, easy, and secure access to health and medical information, and simple communication with clinics and providers.
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Patient Information

New Patient Paperwork

Privacy Notice - English

Privacy Notice - Spanish

Medical Release of Information

Statement of Permission to Treat

Concerns Regarding Patient Care and Safety

If you have a complaint or concern while in the Hospital or when receiving one of the hospital services, please contact the first available staff member from whom you are receiving the service. The specific nature of the complaint should be stated so that the person fully understands the problem. He or she will attempt to resolve the complaint with you at this time.

If this person is unable to resolve the complaint he or she will refer the issue to the department manager, supervisor or appropriate department director for resolution. The personnel on duty will address each complaint as quickly as possible.

If the concern is not resolved to your satisfaction, you may contact Risk Management (405.779.2287)who will follow up with you on your issues or concerns.

If the concerns cannot be resolved through the Hospital, you are encouraged to contact the agencies listed below.

State Health Department; Phone (405) 271-6576; or write Medical Facilities, OK State Department of Health,
     1000 N.E. 10th Street, Oklahoma City, OK 73117-1299.

Dispose of your Medication Properly


No Patient Left Alone Act

63 O.S. 1-706a
Information provided is directly stated from, Oklahoma State Department of Health

Minor children who are admitted to an Oklahoma licensed hospital have the right to have a parent, guardian or person standing in loco parentis present when the minor patient is receiving hospital care.

An adult who is admitted to an Oklahoma licensed hospital has the right to designate a spouse, family member or care giver who may be present while the patient is receiving hospital care.

The hospital may limit visitation by policy when:
1. The presence of visitor is medically or therapeutically contraindicated.
2. The presence of visitor interferes with the care or rights of other patients.
3. Visitor is engaging is disruptive or violent behavior.
4. Visitor is non-compliant with hospital policy.

The hospital will provide personal protective equipment if it is required for visitation of patients. Visitors are required to comply with reasonable safety protocols and rules of conduct. The hospital may revoke visitation rights if visitors fail to comply with hospital visitation policy.

The rights specified in this act may not be terminated, suspended, or waived by the hospital, the State Department of Health, or any governmental entity, notwithstanding declarations of emergency declared by the Governor or the Legislature.

Nothing in the act should be construed to require a hospital to allow a visitor to enter an operating room, isolation unit, behavioral health setting or other typically restricted area or to remain present during the administration of emergency care in critical situations. In addition, nothing in the act should be construed to require a hospital to allow a visitor access beyond the rooms, units, or wards in which the patient the visitor is visiting is receiving care or beyond general common areas in the hospital.


Visitors may be limited according to the patient's condition, the patient's wishes, and/or the physician or nurses' discretion.