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Patients & Visitors

Patient Focused Care

Grady Memorial Hospital patients have access to advanced technology and a healthcare plan
specifically designed for their successful treatment and recovery. From admission until
discharge and beyond, Grady Memorial Hospital's teammates focus on exceptional care, close to home.
Grady Memorial Hospital, Five Oaks Family Medical Clinic, Five Oaks Medical Group, Rush Springs Family Medical Clinic, and Tuttle Family Medical Clinic have a Patient Portal. The portal gives patients, families and caregivers an active role in their care by providing quick, easy, and secure access to health and medical information, and simple communication with clinics and providers.
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Visitor Information

1. If I am visiting a patient at GMH, may I spend the night with them?
Grady Memorial Hospital's (GMH) mission is to ensure all patients enjoy equal visitation privileges consistent with patient preferences and subject to the Hospital's Justified Clinical Restrictions.

Hospital restrictions include(s) and is not limited to all visitors should be completely free of infection, visitors exhibiting signs and symptoms of communicable diseases, such as scabies, cold, influenza, etc., should be asked to defer their visit until the illness is resolved. If delaying visitation is not an option, GMH will educate the visitor(s) on disease transmission, the risk to the patient, hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene products, and trash receptacles. Children without signs and symptoms of illness can visit patients during visiting hours. Children suspected to be ill should be limited to the lobby. Anyone in contact with the sick children should be educated on hand hygiene before interacting with patients.

A family member, friend, or other individuals at the hospital can advocate for the patient during the patient's stay at GMH and may exercise the patient's visitation rights on the patient's behalf if the patient cannot do so. Such an individual may, but need not be, legally responsible for making medical decisions on the patient's behalf.

Hospital visitation hours are non-restrictive by hours of the day or night; however, extenuating circumstances may exist and proper visitation restriction and protocols will be enforced.

2. Where are vending machines located?
Vending machines are provided in the Emergency Department and are accessible 24/7. There are several other vending areas open during public hours: 2nd floor breezeway between Grady Memorial and Five Oaks and in the main lobby of GMH across from the Gift Shop (which also sells candy.)

3. Is there a lost and found area?
The Housekeeping Department at Grady Memorial handles all lost and found items. You may call them directly at (405) 779-2249 or ask any staff member.

4. May I smoke in the hospital?
There is no smoking on the premises of any GMH campus buildings or grounds. Vapes or electronic cigarettes are also prohibited.

5. How do I use the hospital telephones?
You can get an outside line, from a hospital phone, by dialing 8 prior to the phone number you are trying to reach. For any further assistance, dial 0 for the hospital operator.

6. Where is the hospital located?

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7.Is there a map of the hospital I can use?
Hospital Map

8. Is there an ATM on the grounds?
There is an ATM located in the Emergency Department waiting room.

9. Are there electric car chargers/outlets or RV Hookups available for use?
No, there are NO charging stations, outlets or hookups available on our campus.

10. Is there a pharmacy in the hospital?
There is NOT a general open to the public pharmacy located in the hospital. Pharmaceuticals are for internal hospital patients and staff only.